Interview with Mr. Chad Flexon (Second) – Episode 8

Episode 8 features the return to RADD Podcast of Mr. Chad Flexon, an Academic Innovations and STEM Coordinator for a school district in New Jersey.

Show Notes: Chad’s Book Recommendation – Pure Genius by Don Wettrick, Chad’s Twitter Follow Recommendation – @SchleiderJustin, Leadership Video – Dancing Guy, Book Referenced during Episode 8 – Good to Great by Jim Collins, & Chad Flexon’s Blog: An Innovator’s Journey

You can connect with Mr. Chad Flexon on Twitter via @MrFlexon.


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Twitter to the Rescue – Episode 7

In this episode, learn how Twitter can help you and your school community.

Rule of Three:

  1. Twitter makes leaders/educators realize daily that we are a part of something greater.
  2. There are very few absolutes in education. Don’t be overwhelmed by those who post absolutes.
  3. Twitter can strengthen relationships with colleagues because it is an unobtrusive way to share.

Show Notes: Follow Brad Currie @bradmcurrie (#satchat – Twitter chat on Saturday mornings at 7:30 EST), Danny Sunshine Bauer @alienearbud, Blunt Educator @BluntEducator, and Tim Bedley @tbed63 on Twitter.