Men and Their Friends – The Male Learner Podcast

This episode includes a conversation with my old friend, Craig Lafferty. We explore why we are friends, how we became friends, why are friendships are important to men, and why most male friendships lack emotional depth in comparison to female relationships. Via our conversation, we hope to create Better Husbands, Better Fathers, Better Sons, Better Friends… Better Men. The world surely needs them.

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The Male Learner Podcast – Preview

The Male Learner podcast strives to make better men through conversations about men. Via the exploration of the male mind, we hope to create Better Husbands, Better Fathers, Better Sons… Better Men. The world surely needs them.

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Writing the Wrongs of My First Podcast

I tried. I failed. I reflected. I rebranded. And I am ready to try again.

Last December, after many conversations and a lot of encouragement from friends, I decided to launch a podcast. I researched, planned a little, contacted two potential guests, and bought the needed equipment. I was ready… or so I thought. Ten episodes later, I realized that I had enjoyed my guests, I had learned many things, and I had failed.

On January 14, 2017, I published my first episode: Episode 1 – Educational Larceny. I was proud of it. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had achieved my goal to start a podcast. I began a journey that would teach me many valuable lessons over the next six months. I am grateful for the experience and grateful for those who helped me. Appropriate to my endeavor, one of the podcast episodes addressed the value of failure: Episode 3 – I Failed. I Learned. I failed. But more importantly, would I do it again? Absolutely. Just wait for Round 2. My second attempt at a podcast will begin in the new year. Continue reading Writing the Wrongs of My First Podcast